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BINGDONGA Retro Necklace - Natural Rough Crystal Moon Pendant

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Gifts For Friends, Lovers And Colleagues. Lockets for Little Girls

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Heart Ashes Necklace

Mother of Pearl Pendant

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Personalized Picture Necklace

Long Bohemian Necklace

Heart Pendant Necklace with Names

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Do Not Wear It While Sleeping Or Bathing.

Letter Pendant Necklace for Women

Double Pearl Necklace Jewelry

Mens Feckless Pearl Laye Necklace

Custom Locket Necklace

Necklace With Picture inside

Valentines Jewelry for Women And Choker Girl Locket Necklace

Material: Alloy And Natural Crystal Rough Stone

2 reviews for BINGDONGA Retro Necklace – Natural Rough Crystal Moon Pendant

  1. I love everything about this product. The quality is very good and the price is great.

    Amazon Customer

    May 30, 2023
  2. This product is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality option that won't break the bank.

    Warren F. Weritz

    May 31, 2023